Website Architecture

PxO Ink is a Michigan-based website architecture firm specializing in the design, development and construction of websites and website applications. By focusing on core website architecture concepts and practices, such as cross-browser and platform compatibility, site accessibility, and layout fluidity, PxO Ink strives to provide all users with an elegant, attractive isometric experience.

Website architecture is a method or approach to the traditional aspects of website design and development in which the needs and expectations of the client and the user are both expertly met. By taking into consideration the user's needs and expectations, through methods such as increasing the overall accessibility of a website or website application, not only is the user experience greatly improved, but the reach of that particular Internet or web presence increases as well.

PxO Ink maintains a strong passion in retaining a rich knowledge of programming languages and platforms, utilizing coding standards, and practicing proper coding ethics to provide our clients with results of the utmost excellence. Rest assured that PxO Ink will make an unparalleled dedication to your needs and expectations. Still not convinced? Take a look at our portfolio, and contact us to explore your Internet possibilities.