Compendium of Completed Projects

  • Mind-Body Solutions Corps-Esprit https://www.mindbodysoln.ca

    Mind-Body Solutions Corps-Esprit

    Mind-Body Solutions Corps-Esprit

    Created an aesthetic, elegant, and accessible WordPress theme based on Bulma; designed to evoke an encompassing and therapeutic experience. Developed a custom WordPress plugin to expand available post types. Implemented Mapbox static maps API. Integrated and configured Polylang for a multilingual environment, including custom helper functions for theme compatibility. Integrated user analytics and worked content to become search engine and reader friendly.

  • pt Health (Revision) https://pthealth.ca

    pt Health (Revision)

    PT Healthcare Solutions Corp

    Developed various subsystems for an existing WordPress theme, including numerous landing pages and featurettes, search engine and social media integration, user analytics tracking, and a careers section, complete with document upload, and content management. Integrated SalesForce lead acquisition. Performed long-term routine maintenance and development.

  • InnoCare https://innocare.ca


    InnoCare Ltd.

    Worked with an established team to develop numerous Symfony systems for the InnoCare brand, including a clinic booking system with SalesForce integration and accompanying website for lead generation. Developed landing pages, user analytics tracking, a customized blogging platform, and an accompanying and fully featured administrative panel and content management system. Performed long-term routine maintenance and development.

    Deployed numerous virtual private servers and cloud computation across Amazon AWS and other third party PaaS. Ensured a highly secure environment by enforcing strict policies. Employed numerous automated monitoring systems and fallback services to ensure unimpeded access.

  • Pleiades Web Conference 2017

    Pleiades Web Conference 2017

    Packhead Hosting

    Designed and developed an interactive landing page for users to participate in the Pleiades National Planetarium Conference remotely. Integrated various systems, including a JSON parser, HTTP live streaming, YouTube and Twitch streaming, and IRC.

  • Kevin J. Roberts http://www.kevinjroberts.net/

    Kevin J. Roberts

    Kevin J. Roberts

    Designed and developed an efficient, elegant, and accessible WordPress theme focused on accessibility and mindfulness. Developed a proprietary and unique custom WordPress plugin to aggregate specific content types. Designed a JavaScript based featured content display. Integrated user analytics, and lead generation through an accompanying mailing platform. Reworked numerous years of content to become search engine and reader friendly.

  • pt Health Booking https://pthealth.ca/

    pt Health Booking

    PT Healthcare Solutions Corp

    Developed an expansive lead generation system written in PHP and integrated into WordPress to allow users to book appointments through existing clinics. Integrated various design features, including a customized version of Google Maps.

  • Absoft https://www.absoft.com/


    Absoft Corporation

    Designed and developed a comprehensive web presence to showcase Fortran compilers in a modern age. Improved search engine marketing and digital marketing through clear and concise information layout. Integrated existing legacy systems to process lead generation.

  • Quindell Health Services https://quindellhs.ca/

    Quindell Health Services

    InnoCare Ltd.

    Designed and developed a website to establish a clean and attractive web presence, complete with responsive features, focusing lead generation.

  • Belle River Minor Soccer https://www.belleriverminorsoccer.com

    Belle River Minor Soccer

    Belle River Minor Soccer

    Developed a fully featured WordPress theme utilizing an existing design, complete with player registration, PayPal integration, sports rankings, and league information. Developed a weather alert system to display on the homepage. Implemented changes to the theme design over time based upon client request.

  • http://palettera.ca

    Palettera Custom Correspondences

    Palettera Custom Correspondences

    Developed a completely unique WordPress theme from the ground up, including customized gallery functionality leveraging Isotope and expansive categorical search functionality, while integrating a strict design methodology per client specification.

  • PeopleKeys API


    Developed numerous API systems serving JSON across multiple frameworks, including Phalcon and Slim. Integrated JavaScript bench-marking software to represent information graphically.

  • Underwater Camouflage Texture

    Underwater Camouflage Texture

    Sony Online Entertainment

    Designed a graphical texture asset for the PlanetSide 2 video game, included as part of the Player Studio initiative.

  • Industrial Mix Camouflage Texture

    Industrial Mix Camouflage Texture

    Sony Online Entertainment

    Designed a graphical texture asset for the PlanetSide 2 video game, included as part of the Player Studio initiative.

  • Facebook Albums

    Massachusetts General Building Contractors

    Developed a custom plugin to integrate Facebook albums and images into an existing WordPress theme.

  • Amici Eatery

    KTS Marketing

    Converted an Adobe Photoshop design into a fully functioning WordPress theme, complete with restaurant feature integration.

  • Roomidex http://roomidex.com


    Modiv Creative

    Developed an expansive social network for potential roommates written in PHP, complete with Facebook profile integration, and a fully featured administrative panel.

  • Friendect SMS Integration

    Friendect SMS Integration

    Milq & Honey Conglomerates

    Integrated the Twilio API into the existing landing page written in PHP to deploy the Friendect App through SMS to users on iOS devices. Updated the design to compensate for the new functionality.

  • Reflex Distance Calculator

    Reflex Distance Calculator

    Green Growth Solutions

    Created a proprietary and unique WordPress plugin designed to showcase the distance covered by a collection of recycled plastic bottles. Developed a system by which to perform loxodrome calculations piped into Google Maps to output information asynchronously based on established data provided by Reflex Packaging. Integrated plugin into the existing design to provide a seamless environment.

  • http://afmarinesurveyors.ca/

    AF Marine Surveyors Testimonials

    KTS Marketing

    Integrated an audio component to present vocal testimonials to users.

  • Furbr https://furbr.com/


    Milq & Honey Conglomerates

    Designed and developed a social-business network for contractors and home owners with a fully featured auction house system, complete with an expansive administrative panel.

  • Besi Corp http://www.besicorp.com/

    Besi Corp

    Modiv Creative

    Developed a scaling landing page powered with HTML5 History, integrating a dynamic gallery powered with JavaScript.

  • http://skedge.me

    Skedge HTML5 History

    Modiv Creative

    Developed a unique WordPress plugin designed to incorporate HTML5 History with JavaScript integration for seamless browser navigation.

  • I Love My Pillow http://www.ilovemypillow.com/

    I Love My Pillow

    On The Vurge

    Worked with a team to develop and integrate an existing design into a new Drupal theme, including node, resource, module, and template development.

  • http://www.8020nyc.com

    8020 NYC Video Slider

    Modiv Creative

    Modified an existing gallery slider component to support videos and debugged numerous failing elements of an existing legacy system.

  • Mortgage Approval Help http://mortgageapprovalhelp.ca/

    Mortgage Approval Help

    KTS Marketing

    Developed modifications to a PHP-based lead generation tool. Designed a responsive alternative to an existing WordPress theme to improve user experience across all devices. Performed routine maintenance and legacy development cleanup and efficiency improvement.

  • Spider Digital

    Spider Digital

    Detroit Designery

    Designed marketing assets, including a logo, and consulted on the benefits and responsibilities of a web presence.

  • The Witch's Elbow http://www.samiamtoo.com

    The Witch's Elbow


    Designed and developed an e-commerce website and marketing assets. Provided consultation on small business growth, performance, and digital marketing.

  • Your Health Supplies Store http://yourhealthsupplies.ca

    Your Health Supplies Store

    PT Healthcare Solutions Corp

    Converted an Adobe Photoshop design into a fully featured WordPress theme. Implemented digital marketing and search engine techniques to organically funnel users into lead generation.

  • UsherWorld http://usherworld.com/


    CDE (US) Ltd.

    Designed and developed a teaser website written in HTML and JavaScript to lead into the official UsherWorld launch.

    Designed a WordPress multi-site environment for the international and global reach of the Usher brand.

    Integrated a social community platform through the multi-site environment, consisting of forums, comment sections, and user profiles. Worked with the design team to adapt the existing Usher World design for use with said platform.

    Developed a method by which to integrate the SoundCloud audio player to seamlessly function from page to page. Adapted the audio player to meet design specifications.

    Developed proprietary WordPress plugins, including Facebook and Twitter authentication and Twitter feed integration. Designed and developed a system of remote websites for detecting connection status in real-time.

    Drafted various technical documents outlining project goals, methods of implementation, expectation management, and strategy for completing objectives within expected deadlines.

  • pt Health http://www.pthealth.ca/

    pt Health

    PT Healthcare Solutions Corp

    Reconstructed the existing pt Health website, including a complete overhaul of all web-based content through HTML, PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript integration.

    Implemented a brand new design, updated the associated content management system, and performed advanced digital marketing, analytics, and website optimization techniques, such as dynamic toll-free phone number display, to improve lead generation. Integrated asynchronous JavaScript to efficiently deliver content to increase user experience.

    Developed a postal code search engine to identify clinics based on distance, integrating Google Maps to display clinic information and provide directions.

  • pt Health Administrative Panel

    pt Health Administrative Panel

    PT Healthcare Solutions Corp

    Designed and developed an expansive administrative application written in PHP and paired with MySQL to aggregate, store, and manage content and monitor security. Integrated an existing content management system into the upgraded administrative panel while ensuring data integrity.

  • http://www.marcbaptiste.com/

    Marc Baptiste Slide Gallery

    Modiv Creative

    Developed a proprietary and unique WordPress gallery plugin designed to present images as condensed slides containing one or more assets based upon the calculated combined width of each individual image.

  • Intranet Portal Modifications

    The HGA Group

    Modified an existing intranet application written in legacy PHP to expand upon functionality. Consulted on the security and potential backup solutions available for said application and surrounding Linux server environment.

  • Storybeam

    Modiv Creative

    Developed a proprietary and unique choose your own adventure system layered above WordPress, integrating PayPal payments and subscription services.

  • http://www.thecosmicpath.com/

    The Cosmic Path

    Modiv Creative

    Developed a WordPress plugin, designed to integrate additional social features to allow registered users to share content with friends or other users. Developed a fully featured administrative panel to oversee plugin operation, integrating WordPress TinyMCE to facilitate ease of use for client customization.

  • Clinic Supplies Canada http://clinicsuppliescanada.com/

    Clinic Supplies Canada

    Clinic Supplies Canada

    Converted an existing Adobe Photoshop design into a Magento theme, including porting existing theme features and integrating e-commerce functionality into the new design. Provided additional customization external to the established design to meet client needs. Performed extensive optimization across the entire website to decrease load times and increase overall user experience.

  • PSD Slicing and Conversion

    Prompt Internet Solutions, LLC.

    Performed numerous Adobe photoshop design conversions, for websites such as Eastern Thumb, Never Give Up Fitness, and VGW Texas. Transformed each design into fully functioning and featured WordPress themes with appropriate templating.

  • http://www.ladenver.com/

    Advanced Search Functionality

    Lincoln Auto of Denver

    Customized an existing Drupal environment and accompanying design template, to establish views designed to organize vehicle data and provide advanced search functionality.

  • http://www.randalldata.com/

    Randall Data Systems Helpdesk

    Randall Data Systems, Inc.

    Deployed a WordPress installation for a support site. Installed and configured various plugins, including the WishList membership plugin. Consulted on, and wrote a technical instructional manual for maintenance and use.

  • pt Health Content Editor

    PT Healthcare Solutions Corp

    Developed and integrated a proprietary on-screen content management system, utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and a third party WYSIWYG editor. Implemented a login system to prevent unauthorized access and integrated various security practices to prevent malicious attacks.

  • XML Shipment Decoding

    Randall Data Systems, Inc.

    Modified and debugged an existing product shipment system written in PHP designed to decode XML transmissions.

  • http://www.electricalmarketplace.com/

    TheFind Product Feed Integration

    Electrical Marketplace, Inc.

    Developed a product feed application utilizing ASP.NET, written in HTML and VB.NET, paired with an MSSQL database, for submission into TheFind shopping network.

  • Packhead Hosting http://www.packhead.com/

    Packhead Hosting

    Packhead Hosting

    Designed and developed a website written with HTML, CSS, and PHP, deploying numerous landing pages funneling lead generation. Integrated the WHMCS platform.

  • Custom Design Lead Form

    Into The Woods Clothing

    Developed and integrated an email-based form written in PHP for custom design lead generation.

  • http://www.nightlifeguru.com/

    Calendar Plugin Modification

    Night Life Guru

    Modification of an existing calendar event system written in PHP in order to integrate thumbnail image support.

  • The Smart Money Group

    The Smart Money Group

    The Smart Money Group

    Designed and consulted on a new direction for digital marketing and representation on the Web. Deployed a minimal viable product (MVP) utilizing HTML and CSS.

  • Hilltop Greenhouse & Farms

    Hilltop Greenhouse & Farms

    Hilltop Greenhouse & Farms

    Designed and consulted on a new direction for digital marketing and representation on the Web. Explained the importance and flexibility of a web presence.